Even coaches need coaches. I’ve always had coaches for the professional side of my life (writing, business, speaking) but not for the personal side of my life. Until this past year and today I want to tell you about the impact two very special coaches have had on my 2016 and subsequently 2017… Matt Morse and Brian Cain.
Perhaps the best definition of today’s term coach comes from Dallas Cowboys coaching legend, Tom Landry who said: “A coach is someone who tells you what you don’t want to hear and has you see what you don’t want to see, so you can be who you have always known you could be.”
I share this with you because that’s what Matt and Brian did for me this summer. I sat down with them in Southlake, Texas on July 31st and each in their own way, politely but firmly told me I needed to get in better physical shape to be the best version of myself in order to achieve everything I wanted to achieve in the coming year and offered to hold me to my highest potential. We set a goal that I would lose just under a pound a week from August 1 to Christmas with the goal of reaching 185lbs and then 180 lbs by 2017.
They didn’t just tell me to do it, they showed me how…
A clear plan: Brian put me on a macronutrient diet, gave me a food scale, showed me how to pre-plan, weigh and package my meals so I hit the exact number of grams and calories each day. It’s very straightforward and simple to follow.
Specific Actions: Six small meals daily at designated time, 1 gallon of water daily, no food or water after 8 pm. No booze. 60 minutes cardio or HIIT training. No excuses. On overnight travel I made sure I booked a hotel w/ a fitness center and packed a couple days food.
Ongoing coaching: Scheduled weekly check-ins. For the first 30 days, to install the habit, every Sunday I sent Brian a photo of my food for the week which is weighed, packaged and prepared. He would offer feedback, corrections and suggestions.
Accountability: My accountability coach is Matt Morse. Every Friday I send him a photo of my feet on the scale to document my weight. If I do not hit my goal one week, I receive a $20 fine via StickK.com an accountability website. The money is automatically deducted from my credit card and the funds go to an anti-charity. (In other words, an organization you would never want to give a dime to.) Great motivation to “StickK” to your goals. Having someone to answer to motivates you to take action. Having a financial consequence on top of that REALLY motivates you to take action.
I share this with you because we all need coaches. My biggest lesson from 2016 is the reminder that you are your most important client. I already knew this, but there’s knowing what to do and then there’s actually DOING WHAT YOU KNOW. The latter is precisely why we need coaches. You know what to do, but may not necessarily be doing what you know.
Our outside (personally and professionally) is a reflection of our inside. Until we get the inside right, how we take care of ourselves, we can never get the outside right. If we can’t take care of ourselves well we can’t serve our clients to the best of our abilities.
Did I hit my goal of 185 lbs on Christmas and 180 on January 1? No and I paid for it. Literally. I reached 187 lbs before developing some medical issues with my stomach which disrupted my progress. Our goals mirror life in that both are about progress not perfection. When I stepped on the scale at my doctor’s office on Dec 9th and weighed in at 187 he remarked that I was 213 on July 12. I hadn’t realized until then just how much progress I had made. It’s a great lesson in knowing your numbers, because I also hadn’t paid attention to just how heavy I had gotten earlier in 2016. I’ve made amazing progress and at the same time have fallen short a few times.
I’m now doubling down on my efforts and continue my progress to 180 lbs. I’m ready to take on 2017 with some exciting projects like my new book Stadium Status and the launch of a video based training program.
We all have blind spots and often are too close to our own situation to see what’s wrong. This is why we need that outside perspective from a coach who can tell it like it is. Who is coaching you?
Do you have someone you trust who tells you what to do, how to do it, and makes sure you do it and do it properly? I have a couple openings left in my coaching client roster for 2017, call me if you want to be held to your highest potential.

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