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CEO CLUB 2 WorkshopJohn works with corporations, universities, sports teams and non-profit organizations that are serious about taking their teams to the next level and building a championship caliber culture.

If you’re searching for ways to create a healthier, more profitable organization you’re in the right place. Coach Bru’s workshops are dynamic, fun, content rich and packed with easily applied solutions to the many challenges your team members face.

Program 1: “Why The Successful Succeed”

Program 1*Coach Bru’s most requested program. This program provides you with insight into what the best do better than the rest. Whether you are an entertainer, athlete or executive, these success strategies apply to directly to you. Participants will learn the four specific habits that make the successful succeed as well as the six characteristics that lead to victory.

Why successful business professionals succeed is not a mystery, it is also not a gift they were born with or developed overnight. It is a mindset developed through deliberate practice, and honed over time. A successful mindset results in: better productivity and service, enhanced teamwork and greater fulfillment both professionally and personally.

This program integrates Coach Bru’s personal strategies from 17 years of recruiting, coaching, sales and management in areas such as: resilience and performance enhancement with best practices gathered from interviews with executives and celebrities.

  • Participants will learn how to build greater trust and rapport with colleagues, prospects, current clients and vendors.
  • Participants will learn the long term value of helping others win.
  • Participants will learn what it means to turn objections into opportunities in the workplace.
  • Participants will learn how to develop the personal characteristics that make the successful succeed in business and life.

Program 2: “Blue Chip: Stop Chasing, Start Attracting World Class Clients”

Program 2This workshop is a must for any professional who wants to dominate their space, attract ideal clients and become the go to expert in their market. Blue Chip is based on Coach Bru’s forthcoming book of the same title.

You will learn how to be the hunted not the hunter when it comes to new business development. These are tried and true strategies adapted from his years of recruiting blue chip athletes and his experience tripling revenue for companies in 3 different industries as a sales manager and sales executive.

The game has changed and you need to evolve because in today’s ultra-competitive marketplace you’re either different or you’re invisible. In this program Coach Bru opens up his playbook to you and shares his proprietary Game Changer Sales System.

You will learn:

  1. How to position yourself based on the unique value you and only you create.
  2. How to be in the transformation business vs. the transaction business.
  3. How to build expert positioning to brand yourself as the star of your industry.
  4. How to elevate, separate and differentiate yourself from the competition.
  5. How to gain and maintain your confidence regardless of the economic conditions or market.
  6. How to use progress principles and SMART goals to accelerate your results.

You will walk out of this workshop with these outcomes:

  1. Immediate clarity on the value you bring to the market and how to leverage your intellectual assets.
  2. The resilience and creativity to turn adversity to advantage.
  3. New found focus, energy and direction for your business.
  4. A proven process to enhance your productivity and drive your results to new levels.
  5. A new way to open doors previously closed and become an immediate asset to clients.
  6. The confidence you need to create more leads, drive more sales, and close more deals.

*If you want more clients, bigger clients or better clients this program is for you.

Program 3: “The Shift: Achieving Work-Life Balance”

Program 3Based on Coach Bru’s forthcoming book Happy Birthday, You’re Fired: A Recovering Workaholic’s Shift To Work-Life Balance. We have entered an era where leaders are required to do more, better, faster and with less. As we move forward with this “new normal”, finding balance is perhaps the greatest issue professionals need to address.

The Shift teaches you how to reach a higher level of achievement and enjoyment both on the job and at home. Using straightforward tools to enhance performance you will enjoy immediate positive results in and out of the office through better management of responsibilities and relationships.

Coach Bru’s approach to addressing organizational as well as individual needs will help you achieve your absolute best while helping your organization break through to a new level of winning in these turbulent times. You will learn:

  • A method to refocus personal and professional commitments
  • A real-world game plan addressing the five factors of balance
  • Hard hitting strategies to create clear and effective work-life boundaries
  • The fundamentals of building a sustainable, championship-caliber personal environment

Program 4: “The Coach Approach To Successful Communication”

Program 4Research indicates $250 million dollars is wasted every day because of poor communication skills. This reveals the fact that business professionals are so focused on developing industry expertise they don’t learn how to communicate their expertise. Effective communication is a skill vital to success in every profession.

This program is designed to show you how take your communication challenges and turn them into wins using The Coach Approach. The most successful coaches are first effective communicators, the most successful business professionals mirror this. In this program Coach Bru shares with you what the best do better than the rest when it comes to communication. Topics include communication barriers and how best to tackle communication challenges when giving feedback, asking effective questions, active listening, emotional contagion and the power of positive energy.

The program also addresses strategies for crafting listener-centric messages, how to be heard in today’s over-communicated market, and the use of stories to help deliver your message in the most impactful way.

Strategies like Bru’s 3 second rule, the opener, the 30 second drill and the listening ladder will help you increase your market value and win more business.

Program 5: “Bullet Proof: Gaining And Maintaining Your Confidence”

Program 5Based on Coach Bru’s forthcoming book, confidence is the one thing that affects all things when it comes to performance. There’s a feeling that’s shared by peak performers, winning teams and top sales professionals; it’s the feeling that you’re bullet proof. Nothing can stop you; not past failures, mistakes, the economy or the competition. These are nothing more than speed bumps on the road to victory and personal fulfillment.

Elite performers can consistently harness that elusive “in-the-zone” feeling of absolute confidence in order to perform their best when it matters most.  This is what allows them to consistently deliver results at a high level, enjoy what they do and actualize their greatest potential.

It’s a competitive world we live in, not everyone around you want to see your succeed. Confidence is about being comfortable in your own skin in any situation. It’s also about having the strength in your belief system so you can make difficult decisions which while they may frustrate or offend others, help you advance towards your goals. Confidence is a feeling and when you ask any elite performer how they felt when they were performing at their best they all report that it is as if the game slowed down. This is because they feel confident and in control.

Conversely when you ask them what they attribute poor performance or a slump to, they will tell you “I didn’t feel confident”. They lost the feeling of confidence and their performance eroded almost instantly. It’s at this point that your feelings turn into thoughts. You think too much and those unproductive thoughts hold your confidence hostage and you lose trust in the process that previously worked for you.

This program will teach you how to consistently gain and maintain your confidence in order to achieve massive levels of success you previously thought were unattainable.

Program 6: “Peak Performance For Corporate Athletes”

program 6Just as an elite athlete must master the mental game of their sport, so must the corporate athlete master the mental game in the sport of business. This innovative and powerful program teaches executives strategies to “get in the zone” and perform their best when the pressure is on. Business professionals will learn how to expand their capacity and improve their productivity by tapping into the power of performance rituals. Participants will gain a new perspective on how to build mental toughness, employ laser focus and become more resilient. Strategies to perform at a superior level by managing and replenishing personal energy will enable participants to achieve a heightened level of workplace engagement and job satisfaction.

Program 7: The Coach Approach To Championship Team Chemistry

program 7Based on principles from John’s book The Coach Approach, this customized teambuilding workshop teaches you and your team the success strategies needed to build a culture of team synergy and competitive excellence. In this high energy, interactive workshop Brubaker utilizes a variety of exercises designed to highlight the strengths of both your team and each individual team member. This is in keeping with Coach Bru’s philosophy that the best way to improve the team is to improve the individual. Your team will work together like never before to create a common vision, gain absolute clarity and commitment surrounding the vision, build core values and develop an action plan to maintain team chemistry 365 days a year. Coach Bru’s keys to developing a culture of competitive excellence will unlock the hidden potential of your team.

Additional Programs & Services:

  • Guest Experience Audit
  • Team Challenge Workshop (Limited Enrollment)
  • One-on-One Coaching
  • Public Speaking Coaching

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