I got this email the other day in response to my email about the #AskMeAnything video call I hosted for all my readers.

“Ask you anything? I’m asking u to stop emailing me mother f*%ker !!  You’re writing sucks.”

Funny thing is the guy fancies himself a writer yet can’t use the correct version of “your”.

The same day this hater book review appeared online:

“Coach Bru’s writing instinctively inspires an eye dropping calm. I never knew a nap could be so deep and plentiful. And to think I still have 50 pages to go until the end of the first chapter. Thanks!”

My point?

Do you have haters? If not, you’re probably doing something wrong. Your message is too vanilla to repel the wrong prospects which also means it’s not on point enough to attract the right people.

Now, on the flipside I got a message from a reader today named Clint who said:

“I can’t tell you how much your book Seeds of Success has helped me with my mindset and even discovering myself and my passions. I’ll be recommending it to a lot of people. So many takeaways from it.”

Same book, two polar opposite responses…

BOOMà Mission accomplished.

How does this relate to you and your work?

Haters are a natural part of the growth of your business. When you’re new there will be critics, when you’re good there will be haters, and when you’re excellent they will turn into admirers. The question is: Are you willing to be attacked and criticized as a person to grow your brand?

Haters hate on you because you’re doing what they cannot, will not or are too afraid to attempt. Their criticism is self-hate turned outward.

And there’s one way to avoid having haters. Sit on the sidelines, do nothing, don’t set goals, be average and no one will judge or hate you.

That book referenced earlier that helped Clint with his mindset and discovering himself and his passions? It’s available right here and can help YOU too…




P.S. If you hated this article, you’ll really hate the book. 🙂

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