In 2017, barber/entrepreneur Pete McGarity invested $25,000. to retrofit a trailer into a mobile barbershop. He hauled it to Pecos Texas (an hour away from his brick-n-mortar shop) and parked it in a lot in Pecos Texas. Why? He saw an opportunity and solved a problem. Busy oil worker who had little time for things like haircuts could step right off the oil fields and into Pete’s mobile barber shop.

This year he expanded and staffs it with five barbers who work six days a week cutting hair all day. A haircut costs $40 and there’s a huge waiting list. You can cut the line if you’re willing to pay $75 for a haircut and shave. Which many of them do.

Get this… his barbers are raking in $130,000 to $180,000. a year.

How? He saw an opportunity to feed a hungry audience so to speak. There’s an oil boom in West Texas and these are busy people with money to spend (and they tip well).

My point…

Do you have your eyes open for unique opportunities to feed a hungry audience?

Does what you do conveniently solve their problem?

Most importantly, are the members of your audience “players with money”?

These are questions members of my online community Yesterday’s Underdogs can easily answer “Yes!” to. And it’s what I teach each month within the community.

Last night I hosted a video conference where my members walked away with a unique opportunity to capture massive media attention for themselves and feed a hungry audience.

Want to learn that lucrative strategy and countless others? It’s available to you right here:

There’s a catch though, it ain’t free. Nothing worthwhile is.

You know the old saying “No deposit, no return” ?

That doesn’t just apply to bottles.

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