This was just breaking news and is trending nationwide…

Full House actress Lori Loughlin and husband are accused of paying $500K to get their daughters designated as USC crew recruits. But they didn’t even row. Desperate Housewives star Felicity Huffman is accused of paying $15K for a fake proctor to correct her daughter’s SAT answers.

31 other wealthy celebs also illegally paid massive bribes to get their unqualified kids into elite Universities…

Is this really news worthy? I’d classify it more as not surprising.

It’s just another illegal pay to play scheme no different than buying access to politicians. Ex. Clinton Foundation or Trump officials take your pick, whichever fits your narrative better…

Which is also no different than the music charts and streaming services elevating certain artists because those organizations are in bed with specific record labels…

Which is no different than authors and publishers paying a certain “marketing firm” $150-200k to land their book on the New York Times best-seller list. (Yeah it happens way more than you think)

The only thing today’s college admissions “scandal” will expose is simply how widespread these incidents really are.

Pay to play exists everywhere and many industries are rife with charlatans happy to help unethical people skip the line and avoid putting in the real work. And like today, eventually they get exposed for what they really are.

The reality is there ain’t many level playing fields out there which is why today more than ever you need to find a different way to compete but within the rules.

Want a legal and ethical way to compete when the deck is stacked against you?

Get this book that made a real best-seller list on its own actual merit.

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