I delayed sending this today because I debated whether or not I should share it with you. I wrote this because I need to hear it as much as I think you might too. (That’s actually often the case with my articles.)

Tuesday November 8 is Election Day in the United States. Don’t worry this isn’t a political commentary. But what if I told you the vote that will affect your future success more than anything probably isn’t the one you will place tomorrow. Let me explain…

One of my clients is running for re-election in the Maine House of Representatives and a friend is running for re-election in the state senate. On Tuesday they will each step into the booth and vote for themselves. I want you to do the same thing, not vote for them rather I want you to vote for yourself.

The one person you absolutely must vote for is YOU. I’m not talking about writing your name in on the ballot, I’m talking about choosing yourself every day. When candidates from both parties up and down the ticket across our great nation step into the voting booth, they will vote for themselves. They have in essence voted for themselves every day on the campaign trail leading up to election day. There’s a lesson in that for all of us in our personal and professional endeavors.

Both presidential candidates are telling the country that this election is a critical choice that will affect generations to come. One of them is even saying this is “our last chance to save the country”. Some people will tell you your vote doesn’t make a difference because the election is rigged. As far as I’m concerned that’s all rhetoric, what’s fact is the vote that WILL make a difference for you is the vote you make for yourself. Every. Damn. Day.

The reality of it all is that voting for a complete stranger once every four years isn’t going to fix anyone’s life. The president is not a messiah, he or she is merely an interim elected official. What will fix your life is voting for yourself each and every day. There’s nothing the president can do to have more of an impact in your life than something you can do yourself. We respect the power of elected officials, but it’s time we start respecting our own power more.

  • Want to triple your income? Vote for yourself by making three times as many sales calls daily.
  • Want to write a book like my client Brenda? Vote for yourself by writing daily.
  • Want to lose 20 lbs? Vote for yourself by dieting and exercising daily.

What’s stopping you?

Are you telling yourself you’re too old? Hillary Clinton is 69 years old and got to where she is by voting for herself well before she became first lady 23 years ago. In 24 hours she just might make history.

Are you telling yourself you’re too inexperienced? Donald Trump became the Republican candidate for the highest office in the land with ZERO political experience. Let me say that again… zero-zilch-none, but that didn’t stop him from voting for himself.

Are you afraid of what other people think? During the primaries, The Huffington Post refused to report on Trump, saying his candidacy didn’t qualify as “news”. They put him in the Entertainment section next to the Kardashians and The Bachelorette. Didn’t matter, he kept voting for himself.

What counterproductive habit can you change to vote for yourself? Figure that out and it will do a lot more for you than whichever candidate gets elected president. Personally, I underestimate my power and influence both on myself (especially) and on those around me.

There’s an old saying in politics that “If you someone gets in office that you don’t like but you didn’t vote for the opponent then you can’t complain”. Just like in an election, if you’re not willing to vote for yourself (invest in yourself) you can’t complain about your results. When you make excuses it’s the equivalent of “staying home” and not voting for yourself.

Food For Thought: This election has brought out the worst in a lot of people. (Truth be told, myself included at times.)

What if we were as offended by our own mediocrity as we are by our other people’s political beliefs?

What if we were as horrified by our own behavior as we are by a particular candidate’s?

What if we responded to the negative comments we make about ourselves with the same passion and emotion as we respond to our friends comments about a particular candidate?

What if we spent as much time building our business as we did tearing down candidates on social media?

Voting is your right on Election Day, it’s a freedom that makes our country unique. Also think of it as your right the other 364 days of the year; so decide to campaign for yourself, choose yourself, invest in yourself, make yourself great. YOU are the best candidate to be YOU. Cast your vote for yourself every day.

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