All ya gotta do is mention Tom Brady and your inbox will explode with one of two reactions: love or hate. Here’s just a small snapshot of the reaction to yesterday’s email:

“I loved your email” -Stephanie

“Great message, wish I wrote it.” -Jon

“Love this Coach Bru! Even a Buckeye like myself can love a Michigan man like Brady.” -Gino

And then there’s this…

“There’s NOTHING about Brady that’s relatable. He’s a bundle of insecurity that’s deflected with all the Patriot haters hype deliberately created by the PR staff. His six championships aren’t without some questionable help from his SHADY personal trainer and TB12 supplements. I’m R-E-A-L-L-Y disappointed you’re calling for entrepreneurs and others to become their own version of Brady.” -Vanessa

 I love mail like this. Because my goal is to get you to have a reaction. To be hot or cold to my writing and nothing in between.

Hot or cold is the gauge I use for not just my writing but also my entire business. It’s the gauge you should use too, let me explain…

I want my readers, clients and prospects to be hot or cold. To either love what I have to offer, or hate it and move on.

People who are hot are action-takers, they buy my books, read and apply my content, purchase my products and are ready to hire me to solve whatever problem they or their company are experiencing.

People who are cold or hate my work will unsubscribe and quickly move on. Hopefully to find another solution that they love and invest their money in those resources.

See how hot and cold can be good for your business?

Luke warm on the other hand is bad.

Luke warm folks hijack your time but never make a decision or take any action. They’re noncommittal, don’t invest in themselves, want everything for free and are usually the first to complain when it isn’t.

I don’t want lukewarm people in my world and you shouldn’t either.

Case in point from the email replies:

There are very few people who are lukewarm towards Tom Brady… you’re either hot or cold. You think he cares for one split second what Vanessa and the thousands of other haters think of him?

Nope, he’s too busy living out his mission.

Hot or cold won’t make you ultra-famous, but it will make you ultra-successful. Just ask the members of my exclusive community of leaders. Check it out right here:

P.S. One of my members, Tyler Brandt, doubled his income year over year, three years in a row working with me.

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