The only sign Bill Belichick’s New England Patriots have in their locker room reads:

“Every Battle Is Won Before It Is Fought.”

That quote dates back to 500 B.C. and is from author Sun Tzu’s book The Art of War.

Belichick will go down in the record books as the greatest coach in NFL history and even perhaps the greatest coach in any sport. Under his leadership the Patriots have made nine Super Bowl appearances, including this Sunday’s game. And they’ve won five of those nine championships.

That Sun Tzu quote is timeless wisdom that extends beyond the battlefield or football field and applies to whatever field you work in.

Belichick’s whole coaching philosophy revolves around this key tenet from The Art of War:

“Know your enemy and know yourself, and fight a hundred battles without danger. Know yourself but not your enemy, and win one battle but lose another.”

War and football mirror your business in this regard.

Do you know your competition’s strengths, weaknesses and tendencies?

At 66 Belichick is twice the age of his players (and of the Rams head coach Sean McVay, 33) but he makes it a priority to get to know his players and interact with them on a level beyond football. He hosts teambuilding, trivia nights and training with Navy SEALS to bond with his troops.

How well do you know your teams strengths, weakness and tendencies?

No matter how well you may think you know your people, there’s always room for improvement. So don’t worry, Uncle Bru has you covered. Chapter 19 of my best-seller Stadium Status will teach you a little known but highly effective way to legally “steal” your competitor’s strengths. And chapter 20 will show you half a dozen ways to know your own people better than they know themselves and build championship caliber team chemistry.

If this ain’t the best $12.97 you’ve ever invested in yourself, I’ll buy the book back from you… cash.

P.S. As the great musician and media personality Cowboy Troy (who wrote the book’s foreword) said “You better read Stadium Status before your competition does.”

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