A dating coach and a business coach walk into a crowded bar.

Looking around the crowded room, the dating coach turned to the business coach and says “I bet I could walk out of this bar with more clients than you!”

The business coach replies, “No way, I’ll easily walk out with more clients than you.

So, the dating coach asks, “What’s the most amount of clients you’ve scooped up at once in a place like this before?”

The business coach puffing out his chest says, “There’s been so many incredible nights… but I’d say I’ve averaged 20 per night.” “Not bad”, says the dating coach, “but I average a minimum of 25 clients a night in a place like this. So I like my chances of beating you tonight.”

The business coach wasn’t convinced. He studied business at an expensive university and considered himself very smart. He was already mapping out his strategy in his head.

The dating coach on the other hand thought that because it was a bar and more people were there to socialize not talk business, she’d get way more people opening up about dating – making it super easy to get more clients.

So, they shook hands and got to work!

Both went around the bar, striking up conversations, making connections and getting new clients. One after another, they lined up client after client. They were so focused on the competition that they barely even looked at each other once the whole night.

At the end of the night, they sat down exhausted and started tallying up their new clients.

1, 2, 3… 15… 23… 31 wow! They both crossed the 30 mark.

“So”, says the dating coach… “How many?”

“37” says the business coach.

“Really… That’s the same number I got” blurts the dating coach, frustrated that she didn’t beat her competitor.

“We have to settle this. How are we gonna break the tie and determine a winner?”

And that’s when the bartender, who had been watching the two all night, walks up and says, “I’ll break the tie for ya’… I win. I got 250 clients.”  The bartender leaned back on the counter, beaming with ease and confidence.

Perplexed, the business and dating coach both asked… “How exactly did you do that?”

That’s when the bartender gave up her secret…

“Well, Mr. Business Coach, instead of boasting about where I studied like you did, or wanting to make my work a competition like you did Ms. Dating Coach, or going out chasing clients like you BOTH did…

… I just stand here, give people what they ask for and let the clients come to me all night long!

The two coaches fell silent as the bartender’s words sunk in.

The bartender swung her bar towel over her shoulder, folded her arms across in front of her, and nodded once as if to say, “You’re welcome.”

So, what’s the moral of this story?

There are qualities more important than academic credentials and awards when it comes to getting clients. It’s also not a competition with winners and losers. It’s about positioning yourself for more clients and greater impact.

Having a servant’s heart…

Being present…


And THEN providing the appropriate solution.

That’s what the most successful leaders do, whether they are executives, entrepreneurs, teachers, coaches (or bartenders).

Which brings me to you and me…

What are your prospects telling you they want?

Remember people need your help, how can you best deliver the results they need?

In my humble (but highly accurate) opinion this is the best resource to guide you step-by-step on that journey:


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