“More than 7,300,000 boxes nationally are sold online every year” according to Heather Burlew-Hayden, chief marketing and membership officer for Girl Scouts of Northern California.

And I have a confession to make. I’m so addicted to Thin Mints, I’m probably responsible for 50% of that stat.

Some parents object to online selling, arguing that going door-to-door creates a sense of community and teaches a sales lesson in winning over a customer.

My question is what’s the effect on sales either way.

Anyway, the point?

There isn’t one.

There are several.

Like not putting all your proverbial “eggs” in one basket.

One is the most dangerous number in the world. You simply can’t afford to rely on one sales channel or marketing method. I can’t tell you how many “wantrepreneurs” I run into who only employ one method to grow their brand.

  • One way of generating leads.
  • Only advertising on one social media platform.
  • One marketing strategy.
  • Only accepting one method of payment.
  • One platform to post content on.

So what happens when that one platform or strategy isn’t available to you anymore?

Your only source of revenue is gone and you’re screwed. Kind of like telemarketers on June 27, 2003 after the feds created the do not call list. The rules of engagement are changing even faster today than back then.

Which is precisely why I recommend having a minimum of seven methods or channels where people can connect who you are and what you do. But you already know that if you’ve read my book Stadium Status. We break down this entire Law of Sevens strategy for you in Chapter 9 in an easy “done for you” format

Back to the cookie dealers…

One scout, Amalea Thijssen (age 13) has this figured out. She markets on SnapChat, Instagram, YouTube, her Girl Scouts app, door to door and sets up cookie booths outside retail stores. Just shy of seven channels.

Online is convenient but there’s value to selling face to face.

The proof?

Girls who sell online AND off-line sell 76% more than girls who only sell off-line, according to scouting officials.

A 13 year old kid has my Law of Sevens figured this out. Do you?

You can learn that and dozens of other ways to take your business to the BIG TIME at:


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