The Secret Playbook of Coach Morgan Randall


A resource for building your most valuable resource, your culture. It takes the form of a playbook and instead of plays it contains a proven system for the daily development of your organization.

I hope you'll consider buying multiple copies at the discounted price to share with professional peers, colleagues and people on your team. It’s the shared copies that make this project work. And it’s the shared copies that will help you leave a lasting legacy like Coach Randall while creating the incremental gains in your team as the year progresses.

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This is a new resource that is in “playbook format”. It’s all new yet old as it is never seen before material from the archives of Coach Morgan Randall. In the spirit of Seeds of Success it focuses what is every leader’s greatest asset and simultaneously biggest challenge: their people and their culture.

The book will begin shipping immediately and it will only be available in print, as a resource for leaders to use to write in and share. It will be available directly from me and I really hope you’ll pre-order a bunch of them and share/sell/give away copies to your colleagues and protégés.

The retail price of The Secret Playbook is $15.97 but if you order one, I’m going to send you two. Because I want you to share a copy with someone you think can benefit from the message.

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