Randall’s Rules: The Definitive Guide To Successfully Navigating The Coaching Profession


I wrote this book because I want you to avoid the mistakes, bumps, bruises and embarrassments I’ve experienced over the years in my travels. This resource is comprised of hard learned lessons that are a testament to the occupational hazard that comes with the territory of being a road warrior in the coaching profession.With that said, hopefully you already know some of the hazards come with the territory. This book will help you avoid the other ones. You’re probably wondering how I might know about all of these. Quite simply, I’ve made every mistake in the book. At least twice. So, hopefully I will help you avoid many of the dangers and frustrations of life on the road as a coach and world-class recruiter.

*DISCLAIMER: These rules are not a substitute for advice or consultation with a physician, dietician, psychologist, psychiatrist or any other type of medical professional whose job title ends in “cian” or “ist”.

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