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Why The Successful Succeed – A digital MP3 download recording of Coach John Brubaker Live from the CEO Club.

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This audio program provides you with insight into what the best do better than the rest. Whether you are an athlete or an executive, building a business or building an athletic program the same success strategies apply to directly to you. You will learn the four specific habits that make the successful succeed as well as the six characteristics that lead to victory.

Why successful business professionals succeed is not a mystery, it is also not a gift they were born with or developed overnight. It is a mindset developed through deliberate practice, and honed over time. A successful mindset results in: better productivity and service, enhanced teamwork and greater fulfillment both professionally and personally. This program integrates my personal strategies from 17 years of recruiting, coaching, sales and management in areas such as: resilience and performance enhancement with best practices gathered from interviews with executives, world class sales professionals, elite athletes, and coaches.

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