Duh duh duh duuhhhh

Duh duh duh duuhhhh

That’s the famous four note opening to Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. Arguably the greatest classical music piece in history by the greatest composer.

When most people think of classical music they think of those four famous notes.

Would you believe that iconic piece has over 10,000 dislikes on YouTube?

To add insult to injury “Beethoven” the 1992 movie about a Saint Bernard has far less dislikes (65).

Back in the day way before YouTube, Beethoven had plenty of haters when wrote his Fifth Symphony over a four year period while going deaf. Yet, he’s also perhaps the greatest composer to ever live.

And the lesson in that story for you young Jedi?

No one is immune to the sting of criticism.

There are haters all around, but that doesn’t mean they have any credibility or that you should pay them any mind.
Be yourself and don’t worry about offending the critics, they’re usually only complaining because they are jealous.

Beethoven grew deaf to criticism (literally and figuratively) because he was too busy fulfilling his mission in life. He understood that hate comes with the territory and learned not to react to it.

We should all be the same way.

He understood the most important tenet all Stadium Status performers believe… you have to protect your belief system. Because Stadium Status has to be a mentality before it’s a reality.

Do you have a go to process to protect your confidence?

I’ve gotcha covered, there’s multiple chapters in my best-seller Stadium Status bursting at the seams with strategies to help you do exactly that.

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