“Mr. Coach Bru, I’m incredibly frustrated. I read Stadium Status TWICE cover to cover and my business hasn’t grown one bit.”

That was the first sentence out of the mouth of one of the participants in my Ask Me Anything video conference I hosted earlier today.

(To protect his identity I’m leaving his name out.)

My answer: “Okay, so which strategies from the book have you executed?”


Me again: “Specifically have you implemented my strategy from Chapter 7?”

Him: “No. Remind me again what that was?”

Me: “That’s the strategy called RDOP and it’s practically a license to print money. Start there, then get back to me. You’ll be glad you did.”

If you’re not familiar with RDOP that was the strategy which for reader Brenda Fontaine, in just under two years has doubled her organization’s sales production from $50 million to $100 million dollars.

It landed reader Jon Rennie $25,000. In orders two weeks ago and he just informed me today another $16,000. In orders came in this week!

My point?

You can read a book on Karate twice, hell you can read every Karate book ever printed and it still won’t help you in a street fight… if you don’t practice what you read.

Key word= practice.

Brenda and Jon put that one strategy from Chapter 7 into practice. Not once or twice but every freaking day, without fail.

Let me put it to you this way…

It’s just like chopping down a tree, you can’t swing an axe at the base of a tree just once and expect it to fall. You have to hit it over and over and over again until it finally falls over.

Will a good business book help you “sharpen your axe”? Of course.

Will it swing the axe for you? Absolutely not.

I sell a variety of “axe sharpeners” here:


P.S. I also offer “swing coaching”. Email john@CoachBru.com if that’s what you’re interested in.

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