John Brubaker: Executive Coach

John Brubaker Executive COach

From CEO to entrepreneur, everyone can take their game to the next level with good coaching. A good coach is a competitive edge that can be the difference between winning or losing clients, innovating a product or going out of business, staying healthy or burning out.

Kobe Bryant, Tiger Woods and Roger Federer are arguably the best in their fields. The best don’t need a coach, they WANT a coach. Why do these world class competitors want a coach? Because they know that when they hit a plateau in order to reach new heights they need a trusted adviser who can see something about their performance they themselves do not.

My philosophy in coaching is to help you put yourself in the best possible position to be successful.
I have a passion for coaching talented, successful individuals who set high standards of performance for themselves and their organization.

My goal is to help you discover previously untapped talent to bring about game changing performance both personally and professionally.

You will be encouraged to engage in self-reflection, think, be creative and open in a confidential environment.

Call John at (207) 576-9853 today.

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